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Student Engagement

Real answers, real people, real time, real results

Chat requests will always be answered by a knowledgeable person in real time. You will never miss an opportunity to qualify a potential lead.

Enhancing experience through relationship-building

We thoroughly train our Chat Agents on your organization’s vision so we can properly represent you and answer any questions a prospect may have. Our agents are available around the clock, every day of the year.

Why it works

English Speaking College Grads

All of our Chat Agents are fluent in English, college-educated and based in United States.

Familiar Integration Tools

Our software is integrated with social networks and compatible with laptops/desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Hi. I’m Mark, a live Morehouse College admissions specialist. What questions can I answer for you today?
What kind of classes do I have to take in the Business Management program?

Quick responses to chat requests are essential to yielding strong results

Preemptively offering a chat window to website visitors can dramatically boost your pool of leads.

Build stronger customer relationships through engagement

We’ll show you how to create a solid foundation based on trust and credibility. You’ll learn our proven method for developing a strong customer engagement plan.