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Student Acquisition

$57 billion is spent on generating web traffic, but only 2% of visitors convert

Achieve greater lead flow and conversion rates by understanding visitor behavior.

Advanced analytics that create real connections

Our data analysis techniques reveal meaningful patterns that enable us to determine the best engagement channels and the best times to use them.


5 Star Rating

Unlike many other rating systems that rely on subjective feedback, our’s uses a proprietary algorithm based on several key components to measure the quality of the live chat service provided on your website.

Highest Industry Conversion

Our conversion rates speak for themselves, not just in the education industry, but across the board. Chatdrive averages a conversion between 20% – 30% depending on the vertical.


gain in total qualified leads with proactive chat

ChatDrive proves itself to be a viable option for lead conversion. While reactive chat numbers remain consistent, proactive chat dramatically increases both total interactions and qualified leads. That’s because proactive chat captures a new and separate pool of prospects that would’ve otherwise moved on to other websites if they hadn’t been engaged in conversation.

Start customer relationships earlier through engagement

ChatDrive’s industry leading expertise combined with true partnership will help your brand capture and convert more leads.