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Live Chat in Education: The Benefits of a Human Touch

In the world of online education, live chat is a crucial tool for facilitating communication between students and staff. Live chat is a platform where students can get answers to their questions, clarify course material, and receive ongoing support in real time. When it comes to choosing between a live human or an AI to handle live chat, the decision is crucial as it affects the quality of student and staff interaction. While AI has benefits, this blog will discuss why having a live human handle live chat (in conjunction with AI) for education is the better choice.

Advantages of a Live Human Handling Live Chat

  1. Empathy and Personalization: A human chat operator can understand and relate to the student’s needs and emotions, which is crucial in providing the best support. They can personalize the support they provide, tailoring it to the specific student’s requirements and helping to create a more engaging and supportive learning environment.
  2. Human Touch: In today’s technology-driven world, students seek a personal connection with the school. Having a live human handle live chat makes students feel like they have a direct line of communication with someone who understands and cares about their needs. This personal touch helps to build trust and creates a more engaging and supportive learning environment.
  3. Problem-Solving: A live human chat operator can think critically and solve problems in real time, something that AI struggles to achieve. They can help students navigate complex course materials and provide personalized support to help them overcome any roadblocks they may encounter. Having a staff with an Education philosophy helps cut through machine learning only. 
  4. Flexibility: Live human chat operators can handle multiple chats simultaneously and easily switch between conversations, making them much more flexible than AI. This allows them to simultaneously provide quick and efficient support to various students, increasing overall student satisfaction.

Advantages of AI Handling Live Chat

  1. Speed: AI can process and respond to a high volume of chat requests quickly and efficiently. This is particularly useful for answering simple and repetitive questions.
  2. Cost-Effective: AI chatbots are typically cheaper than human chat operators, making them a more cost-effective solution for organizations that need to handle a high volume of chat requests.
  3. Availability: AI chatbots (like a fully staffed team) can support students anytime or at night. This is particularly useful for students in different time zones or with varying schedules.

While AI has benefits, having a live human handle live chat for education is the better choice. A human chat operator’s empathy, personalization, and problem-solving skills are crucial in providing students with the best possible support. They can build trust, create a more engaging and supportive learning environment, and help students navigate complex course materials. So, the next time you consider live chat support for your students, it is essential to remember the benefits of the human touch.

Lastly, as you move your operation to a tech-savvy model to help assist in multiple departments. A team that can handle both AI and Human Touch ongoing will allow for proper scaling without sacrificing the student experience. Though long-term cost is one factor, it is vital to ensure ongoing total encompassing cost per acquisition and student obtainment that converts well due to a superior experience. 

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